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Stages of improvement   (incluido en Conversations with Itziar)

First of all, let us centre on basic things, strong, important things to organize, calm, construct, inside ourselves. Let us leave petiscos and tidbits, morsels and aperitifs and turn to lentils, salad, meat and fish. Because there are thousands of interesting things that do not do this, rather the contrary.

    There are three steps (and stations) in the sensible human development:

    1. Decant

That is, to exclude everything unnecessary, pretentious, insincere, pernicious, things that touch us when passing and remain attached to us often without noticing them.

    2. Refine

From everything that remains, we must clean all the remaining of the former impurities that blur the image in the mirror that avoid the appropriate combining of them to form higher complexes.

    3. Harmonize

The purified elements are ready to be combined in the right proportions, a huge task for which several lives are necessary. Anyway, few people arrive here. Therefore, we must not stay any longer.

The first one (by no means an easy and quick step) should débarasse us of the mentioned useless meals and leave us with better nutrients.

But perhaps there is abother previous stage, implicitely considered:

    0. Acquire

In order to D-R-H, we need elements to operate on. We need thus acquire until we have a certain wealth. This is got by meeting, traveling, knowing, reading, living. We have now four steps instead of three: A-D-R-H  Find the relationships of them with the Four Elements in Stages of improvement-IV

Each stage needs the previous to be finished before. Otherwise the tasks cannot be completely achieved and the final harmony will not appear. One cannot refine if decanting is finished, no harmony without previous refining. That is, something can be done but not the perfect process. And this is the usual sate of things.

But since we are still in the middle of the first step, we finish here for today.

But before saying goodbye let me suggest some techniques to begin by the beginning:

    1. Do one thing at a time

    2. Listen

    3. Concentrate in the thing described in 1

Yes, I know that you can do several things at the same time. The problem is that your energy, proficiency and results are divided between, and the performance in each one is poorer.

Now follow this path: Stages of improvement  II


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