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Stages of improvement  II (incluido en Conversations with Itziar)

Of course the three stages introduced in  Stages of improvement are not independent, isolated: each one of them are related and any work on any of them must look to the other, in order to get results. The appropriate symbol for these stages and relations is the triangle:



    1. Decant: looking to the desired final harmony

    2. Refine: what was decanted in the way to harmony

    3. Harmonize: what has been already decanted and refined.

Therefore, each triangle vertex must look to the others, they are not blind operations.

Moreover, what appeared to be an isolated process, is in fact only a stage in a chain of similar steps: la final harmonized product in a  triangular process becomes an elements to be decanted for a later triangular process.

Let us consider a Spanish Paella, a dish made with rice, fruit de mer, maybe chicken, some vegetables... everything in a big and flat metal plate, also called paella.

A careful choice, or decanting, of these elements will prepare the initial step for the paella. Each one must be refined: rice slightly fried on the paella to prevent excessive cooking and glued grains, the chicken well fried to expel grease, the fruit de mer, cooked ,  saffron, salt, fried tomato.... Afterwards all these precooked elements can go to the paella and with strictly proportioned quantity of water ( 2 3/4 measures for 1 of rice) be cooked for 20 minutes to arrive to a dry yellow flat rice, one of the best Spanish dishes (what means also of the entire world)

.If all these stages were correct and some spirit flied on it, we have now an harmonic paella.

This paella must however continue its march. For it it must be eaten. But, careful, must be harmonically eaten.

Now we need ti decants a new set of elements: a good paella paella, the right time and spot: temperature, the fitting wine, the good company.... After refining these chosen elements (people invited and dated, in good attitude, indoors or outdoors according to the wheatear, the wine put to fresh un till a 14 º is reached, sun or shadow, people nor hungry nor satiated.....After these refining the meal can be a success, the harmony of social events.

And so on, with new rings in the infinite chain of events that we call life.

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