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HELP for DP21 (in htm format, taken from WPU21.HLP)


Here are the keyboard commands of Puertra. They take effect when done or after some seconds. If not, check if Lock Shift (Capitals) is set ‒it should not‒ and check if the Puertra Window is active ‒click on it with the mouse.

Many of these commands can be reached on the Puertra Window Menu too. The special commands used in Rige and Lattice editions appear at edition time.

                                                            KEYBOARD COMMANDS

SECTION    Action                                   Decrease     Switch/Rotate    Increase       Introduce

DISK FILES                  

Opensingle                                                                                                                                o

Reopen                                                                                                                                       r

     Save single                                                                                                                            s

     Save AS                                                                                                                       

     Reopen   INI file and reinitialize ll parameters                                                                   i 
     Generative ElementGenerative_Element.                                                                          g
     BackgroundBackground                                                                                                     b

Translation ElementTranslation_Element.                                                                              f

     Partial LatticeLatt                                                                                                                 n

     LatticeLattice lines.                                                                                                              l

     RigeRige                                                                                                                               r

     BoundariesBoundaries                                                                                                         p

     All                                                                                                                                          a


SECTION    Action                                        Decrease     Switch/Rotate    Increase       Introduce

     Drawing scale. Single                                <                                                      >
     Drawing scale. Multiple                             (                                                       )
     Displacement of Center                                                                                                       4 Arrows
     Clockwise plane turning                             v                                                      V    
     Lateral compression/expansion                   k                                                      K   w   
       GE / TE Size                                             7                                                      8

    Radial/Swastika symmetry                                                                                                           !


     Horizontal                                                   x                                                          X

     Vertical                                                       y                                                          Y

     Lateral                                                         z                                                          Z

     Bee Panel (hexagonal)/Normal                                                                                                      =

     Fill display limits                                                                 %

     Right Num.TE                                             k                       Shft                            l

     Left  Num.TE                                               h                       Shft                            j

     Up    Num.TE                                              u                       Shft                            i

     Down  Num.TE                                           n                       Shft                            m

     Back to Displaylimits                                                                                                                   Shft+o

     Gyrated Translation                                    q                                                         Q


     Perspective                                                                                                                                      $

     Relief in perspective                                                                                                                        !

     Front. Central Perspective                                                                                                               HOME

     Back Central Perspective                                                                                                               END

     Spatial Movements                                                  Shft-Cntrl Arrows

          Lateral                                                   Left             Shft-Cntrl                         Right

          Vertical                                                   Up              Shft-Cntrl                        Down

          Back-Front                                            PgUp           Shft-Cntrl                          Down

     Horizontal Turn                                          Left         CNTRL Arrows                   Right

     Vertical. Turn                                             Down      CNTRL Arrows                   Up


SECTION    Action                                        Decrease     Switch/Rotate    Increase       Introduce


     Spherical/Cilindrical/Plane Dome (8 types)                             #

     Radius of Sphere/Cilinder                               a                       Shft                          s

     Steps Num.Spac.Straight                                F9                                                       F10


     Generative Element                                         7                                                          8

     Shade                                                                5                                                          6

     LineWidth                                                        3                                                          4

Manual Draw (Mouse)

     Point                                                                                                                                     Right clicked

     PickUp Pixel Color                                                                                                                                     Alt-Right clicked

     Continuous curve                                                                                                                  Left pressed

     Shapes                                                                                                                                  Right pressed

     Alphanumeric signs                                             pressed                                           Keys & Left Mouse

     Switch Straight Line/Circle/Rectangle                                  DblClick          


     Frame Width                                               1                                                          2

     Central Line Width                                     F1                     Shft                            F2

     Extreme Line Width                                    F1                     Cntrl                          F2

     Middle Line Width                                      F1                     Shft-Cntrl                  F2

     Central Line Position                                  F3                     Shft                            F4

     Extreme Line Position                                 F3                     Cntrl                          F4

     Middle Line Position                                  F3                     Shft-Cntrl                   F4


SECTION    Action                                        Decrease     Switch/Rotate    Increase       Introduce

 Lattice                                                                                                                                                 t
     Rige (form)                                                                                                                                     e
     Clear  Display                                                                                                                                 '
     Lattice                                                                                                                                             l
     Partial Lattice &Intersections                                                                                                         n
     Generative Element (GE)                                                                                                               g  
     Translation Element (T                                                                                                                   f
     Rige                                                                                                                                                  r
   Background                                                                                                                                     b   All                                                                                                                                                    a
   GE Limits                                                                            d
 Show all                                                                               u
    Change  Item                                                                          C
    Change Basic Color             (16)                                           c
    Change Hue:
                      Red                                          e                       Cbtrl_Alt                   r
                      Green                                       f                       Cbtrl_Alt                   g
                     Blue                                          c                       Cbtrl_Alt                   v
     Door, Square, Rhombus, Circle, Polygons, Stars, Arches.                                                               p
     Change size increment                              /                                                           *
     Switch between multiple Rige                                                                                                         j
     Calculator                                                                                                                                       0
     Exit Puertra                                                                                                                                     9


Action                        LEFT                                       RIGHT           

Click                           Select Window                          Point

DblClick                     Switch Straight/Circle/Rect/Rhombus/Star/Polygon.

Move                          Curve                                      Straight/Circle/Rect/Rect/Rhombus/Star/Polygon.

Keys                           Prints characters

Alt                              PickUp Color


Plane Transformations

          This section deals with movements and transformations of the whole figure across the plane or, according to the actual Spatial Surface across to it. The possible transformations are:

1. Change of the scale of a single figure, governed by '>' and '<' keys.

2. Change of the scale of a multiple figure, governed by the ')' and  '(' keys.

3. Displacements in horizontal and vertical directions, governed by the corresponding arrows.

Clockwise plane turning: each TE (Translation Element) in the positive (clockwise) direction, but holding their centers unmoved, Governed by 'v' key.

Block Displacements

 These commands affect the relative position of repeated TE, and their number. The formal relationship between contiguous TE’s is so important as their interior features. Therefore, the vertical and horizontal distances between them have an important repercussion on the general aspect of the whole figure. Let us comment each particular commands, usually in pairs 'increase-decrease':


Distances between contiguous TE:

     Horizontal                                       X                                               x

     Vertical                                           Y                                               y


Relative position of two vertical TE: We call it 'Lateral', the command '=' placing the TE rows in an alternate basis.

     Lateral                                            Z                                               z

     Bee Panel (hexagonal)                                             =


 Number of TE in the display: The TE cut by the display limits can be shown or not, the switching command being:

     Fill display limits                                                     %


The following commands also regulate the number of TE that appears around the central one, with respect to the display limits: the actual number of each one of the four parameters (down) are added to or subtracted from these limits:

     Right Num.TE                                Shft+k                                       Shft+l

     Left  Num.TE                                 Shft+j                                        Shft+h

     Up    Num.TE                                 Shft+i                                        Shft+u

     Down  Num.TE                              Shft+m                                      Shft+n

     Back to Display limits                                             Shft+o


This parameter controls the possible turning of TE when translated:

    Gyrated Translation                              Q                                              q

Spatial Transformations

The Rige and its Lattice can be considered to be in the three-dimensional space, rather than on a plane coinciding with the computer display. Therefore they can approach the spectator eye, they can go far away, move around the display, even disappear by crossing the display limits, turn on themselves. They became moving objects in space.

            These movements or transformations are controlled by the following commands:


SECTION    Action                        Increase          Switch/Rotate           Decrease         Introduce
Perspective                                                                     $
       Relief in perspective                                                       !
       Front.Central Perspective                                                                                                      HOME
       Back Central Perspective                                                                                                        END
       Distance to object                           Up          ALT Arrows                         Down
       Horizontal Turn                             Left         CNTRL Arrows                   Right
      Vertical. Turn                                  Up           CNTRL Arrows                   Down

Spatial Surface

The Rige is usually drawn on a plane; but it can be also done on a different surface. Puertra does it on a sphere, in which case four alternative projection methods of a plane on the sphere can be adopted. These methods are titled s1, s2, s3, s4. The user should try them out to choose the one he considers adequate. (s3 is taken by default). Commands:


 SECTION    Action                        Increase          Switch/Rotate           Decrease         Introduce

     Spherical/Plane                                 Dome                                                                                  #
     Radius of Spher.Dome                    ALT+a                                                ALT+s
     Steps Num.Spac.Straight                    F9                                                      F10


  Here are the commands that can be reached in the Main Window of PUERTRA
















File Menu Items:

Reopen 'INI. rig' and Initializes all variables.t
Open            o     Selects and open a new RIG file
Reopen                Open again a previously opened RIG file
MultiOpen           Selects several RIG files that will be edited and drawn together.
Save as..      s      Selects and saves the actual RIG file (possibly updated), with optional new name.
Save                    Saves the actual RIG file (possibly updated) with the same name.
Exit              9      Exits Puertra to the Doors. You can really quit (click Q) or go back to Puertra (click G).


See Files, to find more information.


Clear   Clears (erase) the screen.

Sizes       Selects the screen size:

                       Huge                The largests.

                       Svga                 Intermediate.

                       Vga                  Small.



           Selects width of all drawn lines:

               Absolute (selfexplaining)





              Relative                    keyboard commands:

                       Thinner,                       3

                       Wider,                          4




          ByStep                                     Draws Riges polygonal by polygonal. Slower but illustrating

          ByBlock                       Draws Riges by blocks, made with 1 or 2 EG.  Quicker.

Backgr                       b                       Draws the BackgroundBackground  of the figure.

GE                             g                       Draws the Generative ElementGenerative_Element.

TE                              f                       Draws the Translation ElementTranslation_Element.

PartLatt                      n                       Draws the Translation Element and its nine neighbours.

Lattice                        l                        Fills the actual screen with the LatticeLattice lines.

Rige                           r                       Draws the RigeRige form       

Bound                        p                       Limits or bounds the figure with several shapes, called BoundariesBoundaries.

All                              a                       Draws the total figure, combining the Backg, Rige and Bound effects.




Effect                         Keyboard command

Turn:                                                               Around the figure center.
          AntiClock            v                      Mathematical positive turn.
         Clockwise            V                     Mathematical negative turn.
Size:                                                                Figure scale
          Smaller                 <                     Diminishes
          Bigger                  >                     Augments
Move:                                                             Deplaces the figure on the plane, using keyboard arrows.
          UpArr                   /
          DownA                \/
          RightA                =>
          LeftA                  <=


See Plane Transformations and  Block Displacements



  Deals with spatial matters:

     Persp:         Perpective, or Point of view.

            Spatial             Figures are seen in space.

            Flat                  Figures are seen on a flat surface, perpendicular to the eyes direction.

            Switches between both:                                               Type $

     Surf:            Surface on which figures are supposed to be projected or adaptad.

            Spher                           Spherical surface, as a ball.

                         s1                                 One way to project a plane on a sphere.

                         s2                                 Another one.

                         s3                                 Another (default).

            Plane                            Plane surface

            Switches between plane and   spherical:                    Type #


See Spatial TransformationsSpatial_Transformations and  Spatial SurfaceSpatial_Surface.



It is possible to change the situation and width of the longitudinal lines on the frame or lace. The relative commands are:


FRAME EDITION                                                                   type:

     Lace Width                                                  1                                                          2

     Central Line Width                                     F1                     Shft                            F2

     Extreme Line Width                                    F1                     Cntrl                           F2

     Middle Line Width                                      F1                     Shft-Cntrl                   F2

     Central Line Position                                  F3                     Shft                            F4

     Extreme Line Positionh                               F3                     Cntrl                           F4

     Middle Line Position                                   F3                     Shft-Cntrl                   F4


In conexion with the Color commands, the frame can be completely designed. See also  FramesFrames



Deals with the figure Colors.  Here are the related commands:


ACTION                   TYPE                           FUNCTION


Present                         u                                Show all colors in their Rige use.

Item                              C                               Changes the item which color is to be changed.

Hue (16)                       c                                Changes item basic color among 16 basic possibilities


RGB change                                                   Red, Green or Blue components of item color:

              less  -                       +, more

                 w, e    Cntrl_Alt  r           Red      (- Red, also with 'w', because Alt+e  keys 'Euro' symbol!.

                      f    Cntrl_Alt    g          Green

                      v   Cntrl_Alt    b          Blue

Intensity                                                         Same color, darker o clearer.

    Darker      z   Cntrl_Alt    a           Clearer

    Darkest     x   Cntrl_Alt    q          Clearest



The actual color being changed with these CntrlAlt commands will appear on a little square in the upper left corner of the main window, and its RGB value on the window caption (upper border).



Fill       Ways of filling shapes and aareas in the figure, with the Mouse.

            No                    No filling at all.

            Yes      Filling active. Two ways:


                         FillSolid           Fill with solid, an unique color

            FillBackg         Fill with the actual background in the Rige design. Only with rectangular shape (see down).


Shapes             Types of lines or shapes drawn when Right mouse is used.

            Straight            lines.   








See a more detailed description in Manual DrawManual_Draw .


Font                 Font appearing when writing on the keyboard while pressing Left Button in the mouse.

            Plus     Increases its size by the actual increment (itself changed with '*' and '/'), or by 1 at least.

            Less     Decreases its size by the actual increment, or by 1 at least.



 LattEd        Type   t              Edits the lattice on which the Rige fits.

 Riged         Type  e              Edits the Rige figure itself.

 Calcu          Type 0 (zero).   Call the Windows Calculator on screen, to find the numbers needed in Lattice edition, such as Angles and Distances.


Detailed information in topics Rige EditionLattice EditionGyrated TranslationCircular RepetitionsPolygonals and  Rige Analysis.



Besides the drawing of Rige figures, you can also load and see images in Windows formats on your display. In this way you can compare the result of your design with the actual image of the Rige in a photography, for instance. These operations are provided:


            Clean               the display, the image included.

            Load                a new image

            Reload             load a previously selected image           Command:   R

            Save                 the actual image with a previous name

            Save as...         the actual image with a new name

            Copy                the image to the clipboard

            Paste                the image from the clipboard



 Contents                   Ordered presentation of Help topics.i

 Commands              Shows the Puertra Keyboard CommandsCommands, quicker then the Menu (when you know them, of course)

 About...                    Short information about Puertra.



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