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The Chariot  (included in Conversations with Itziar)

Hear what follows, taken from Gurdjieff and told as I remember:

There is a chariot built to run and carry goods and all kinds of useful things. But this chariot's axis are unlubricated, the box is unbalanced and the wheels are not perfectly round, thus the chariot cannot run smoothly nor in the right direction, and it is unable so to fulfill the purpose for which it was designed. Besides this, as every chariot, it needs a propeller, usually a horse.

This chariot is our (physical) body.

There is a horse indeed, a strong and beautiful horse, full of life. It propels the chariot, indeed.....but, alas! the horse itself has also problems: it likes females and goes for them, when their time is ripe. It also likes the green pastures and rich wheat, and goes too for them when it sees them. And the worse of all, when some unexpected noise, as a thunder, a motorcar, or even a nearby clapping is heard, the horse explodes and runs wildly over people and plants, eyes widely open, going nowhere. The chariot, attached to it, runs also, and eventually breaks some piece and stops. The journey is finished.

This horse is our emotions, verily on the point.

It's evident then that the chariot and the horse need a guide, somebody that takes the reins and directs both towards the destiny. Everything seems to be solved now, but alas! the conductor has also many dysfunctions: he drinks and forgets sometimes whereby he is supposed to go. He likes girls, as the horse, and sometimes stops the chariot and tries to get the favors of the restaurant waitresses. He also stops the chariot sometimes to sleep in a fresh coin. It is manifest then too that he is not the right guide that he appeared to be.

The conductor is our reason (as rightly points Itziar).

Therefore, it is becoming more and more clear that the trio is not able to march in the right direction nor to the right destination. They need something or somebody that knows really where to go, that knows how to treat properly each one of the three –mechanics of the chariot, health and love for the animal, psychology, authority and good salary for the driver. only then everything is right and everything goes well.

What they all need is a passenger.

But alas!, that is a rare privilege, since the majority of us are empty chariots going nowhere.

The passenger can be termed  the soul, the alma , the 'I ', or any other name. But according to some traditional thinking, we don't have it. Only after a hard and conscious work can it be gained. And felt, the proof of it.

But let's be positive: perhaps the passenger is only sleeping...

And perhaps also it is even possible to improve the journey.

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